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Erangel 2.0 For Pubg Mobile

Erangel 2.0 For Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mobile
Image via: Tencent

All the new updates coming to our favorite game PUBG mobile. And if you want to know about an upcoming update, then this news is for you.

As you all know, the default map of the pubg game is Erangel and this map is pretty cool. And when the PUBG mobile game was released, the game came with a single map. And then different maps were released.

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pubg mobile keeps bringing something new to its players such as new maps, guns, skins, but now pubg mobile is also focusing on its old map and making it in a new way because erangle map is everyone’s favorite map but now the players are bored of playing in the same environment.

For the refreshment of the pubg game players and to make the game even better the developers of the PUBG game are trying to improve the game by editing the map. So let’s know what new things we will get in erangle 2.0

Erangel 2.0

Friends You all know that Erangel 2.0 map has been launched in PC. And when any new update to PUBG comes in the PC version then it launches for the mobile version. Now you tell me that Erangel 2.0 has come for PC and when will it be for mobile? Its answer is very soon.

As far as I believe Erangel 2.0 you will find in version 14.5 or 15.0 of PUBG mobile. Just a few days ago a PUBG mobile club open competition was held in Berlin in which the trailer of the Erangel 2.0 map was shown and it was announced that Erangel 2.0 mobile version will be available soon.

The new erangle 2.0 will be many times better than the erangle map we are currently playing in pubg mobile. In this new map, you will see almost everything changed.

In erangle 2.0 you will also get to see the new building, in which you will get to see more details. In erangle 2.0 everything has been edited and improved from grass to tree, in this new map you will get better color and sharpness with better graphics. A lot of new things have been added and more cover has also been added in the open area.

Not only that, but the update and collaboration on PUBG mobile were also announced in the PMCO competition in which collaboration between the PUBG mobile and the walking dead series will take place. Along with this, a new server will also be added to PUBG mobile which will be the Africa server and this server will go live next month. Along with this, there is a new zombie mod coming soon so you can play as a zombie yourself.

So friends were the news of the updates and collaboration coming to PUBG know about this kind of gaming news, please subscribe to our blog.


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