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PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update is Here

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update is Here

PUBG is a game that created history in the mobile gaming industries. And we can also say that because of PUBG, the gaming community of a country has got growth and it is the gaming community of India.

Gaming did not have a particular craze in India before PUBG. People used to play the same small games in their mobiles and the level of the gaming community was very low on YouTube there were a few Indian gamers who used to live stream.

Ever since PUBG has arrived, India’s gaming community has been flooded. Where previously people used to play small games on mobile, now people are buying good mobile phones to play PUBG. And youtube is also flooded with Indian gamers and PUBG has made many YouTubers famous as well.

PUBG has now become a gaming community rather than a game itself, and for this reason, PUBG provides new updates to the people so that their player base remains and players do not feel the boring of the game. In this blog, we are going to talk about the 0.14.0 update of PUBG Mobile. So let’s start.

Friends, now when you open PUBG Mobile, you will be showing the notice of maintenance in it. This maintenance is going to be done for the update. The update you have been waiting for. This maintenance break can last from 5 am to 12 noon tomorrow. And I am telling the truth, in this update, you will get to see a lot of new things.

What’s new in 0.14.0 Update

TDM mod – This time in TDM mod, something new is going to come, like in this turn you are going to get level 3 helmet and armor. So now you will not die from 1 bullet of CAR98. You can take this helmet from the top of the container.

When we used to go to the center of the warehouse, we used to get M249 machine guns, but now you will also get AWM. In this update, you will get to see the BrandNew user interface And a new lobby is coming.

0.14.0 Zombie infection mode is also coming in 0.14.0. And in this mode, we can play as a zombie. In this mode, you can also play as a defender of the city and also play as a zombie and In this, you can also become a zombie king.

The theme of spawn island has also been changed in this update. Now in the spawn island, you will also see a helicopter, and a pirate ship will also appear in the far sea.

You will also get to see a new character named Victor. And together you will get to see Pirate’s skin as well.
So, friends, this was some information about upcoming updates. If you like this information, then subscribe to the website.

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