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India Air Force Game for IOS

India Air Force Game for IOS

Indian Air Force launched a game a few days ago called Indian Air Force: A Cut Above. This game is made for mobile. The game is available for both Android and iOS platforms.
Even before this, the Indian Air Force had created a very beautiful game called GUARDIANS OF THE SKIES. The game was also very popular on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.

Game feature

In this game, you will find two modes of training and a singleplayer. Where the game starts the player’s default name will be Abhinandan. And you all know who Abhinandan is. Abhinandan is a brave wing commando of our Indian Air Force.

You can also change the name if you like. In the training mode, you can learn how to handle an aircraft takeoff and how to do a landing.

And in the singleplayer mode, you will get 10 different missions and you can play another mission only when you get 3 stars in the first mission. In the game, you will also see the mission of a surgical strike.

In this game, you will get lots of good planes and helicopters too. And you will get an idea of the real power of the Indian Air Force by playing the game. This game is a great game i like it very much and if you talk about the graphics of this game, then the graphics of this game are very good and provide you the best playing experience.

Along with the graphics, the music in the game is also great. By playing this game, you will not feel anywhere that it has not been created by a professional game developer company.

The storyline of the game is also very good and keeps you connected until the end of the game. When I was playing this game, I was feeling very proud of my country’s Air Force. This game is a complete package in itself, which you are going to have a lot of fun by playing.

In this game, a tribute has been given to the brave soldier of India named Abhinandan. While playing this game, I was very happy and proud to see the character of Abhinandan present in the game. How the real heroes of our country mean that the soldiers of our country fight the enemy without worrying about their lives to protect the country and protect the civilians.

If you are an Indian and have not played this game yet, then I will say that once you play this game, you will enjoy this game a lot and you will get information about the air force of our country.

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