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Vigor game free for a weekend for Xbox One Exclusive

Vigor game free for a weekend for Xbox One Exclusive


Vigor is a brand new online survival game created by Bohemia Interactive. You may have heard the name of the developer of this game, Bohemia Interactive. This is because it is the same game developer company that created the best zombie game like Dayz.

Do you know that Dayz was launched in 2013 and after this game, Bohemia Interactive was working on Vigor game and it took 5 years to make this game.

Vigor game details

The storyline and location of the game are based in Norway in 1991. The story of the game is about where the nuclear war ended.

When you start playing this game, you feel that it is a battle royal game but it is not like that at all. And after playing the game, you will also feel that this game resembles PUBG but it is completely wrong. But in Vigor, you will get to see a different flow and rhythm.

The first thing you do in this game is to discover a shelter. This is your home base and from here you can jump to a variety of online encounters maps. 8 to 16 players can play in these game matches. In this game, you can collect resources by going to the surrounding place of different maps, which will be useful in upgrading your shelter.

If you have collected a lot of stuff in the match and if you die in that game then you will lose all the stuff that has been looted. This loot includes guns, ammo, and consumables. In the game, you can rob a valuable thing. In addition to looting, you can also create your own Shelter and Equipment in the game.

What makes this game different from other battle royale games. This game is different from Battle Royale because Vigor is not the last man standing game. You can leave the game at any time during the match and in this game, your primary goal is not to kill other players, but your primary goal is to rob the resources present in the game.

Most of the loot in this game comes from different resources on the map, but the biggest price you get is in the airdrop which falls in the play zone. This airdrop is full of resources, but you can open this airdrop only by going to your shelter.

Free for a weekend for Xbox One Exclusive

The Vigor Game will be free on Xbox One from 8 august to 11 august. Bohemia Interactive, developer and publisher of vigor game, announced that the game has been released as a sample for one week.

If you have an Xbox One you can play this game for free on the day of 8 August to 11 August.

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