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Ninja is leaving Twitch

Ninja is leaving Twitch

Today’s blog post is of a slightly different type because today in this we will not talk about news related to any game. Today we are going to talk about Mixer. This is not a Mixer grinder. Mixer is basically a streaming platform where you can live stream your games, and if you can say it in easy language, it is the younger brother of Twitch.

Mixer is made by Microsoft. This is the same company whose operating system runs on your PC. Only the company can answer how the idea of creating a streaming platform came to the Microsoft company. But this idea has created a ruckus in the streaming industries.

Twitch is a very famous video game streaming platform and for a long time this company did not have a big competitor but when Mixer came which works on the same concept on which Twitch works, then the market got competition.

And because of this, many players streaming in Twitch came to the mixer and it doesn’t even make any difference to Twitch, but Twitch made a difference when a much bigger gamer from his streaming platform went to his competitor Mixer.

Players are also going to Mixer because it is very easy to live stream and in particular, if you have a console then it will be more easy for you, and the players with the console get to see extra benefits in the mixer and that is why the console Players migrating to Mixer.

About Ninja

Ninja is a Famous streamer. Ninja is a well-known streamer in the world who used to stream live on a game streaming platform called Twitch.

  • Ninja’s full name is Richard Tyler Blevins Ninja living in America. Ninja is a popular full-time streamer who has made his career in gaming. Ninja has been the champion of the current Famous Game Fortnite. Ninja and Marshmallow won in the 2018 Fortnite Championship And since then the ninja has become more famous in the world of gaming.
  • The ninja was one of the Famous streamers of the twitch. Ninja had more than 14 million subscribers, which is probably the highest on Twitch.
  • The ninja was pulling the highest viewer on the twitch. The number of people watching their live stream was immense. And they also get a good return from the twitch. A few days ago the ninja left the twitch and announce to join Mixer In his YouTube channel.

Why Ninja is leaving from Twitch

Ninja said of the move, Mixer is a good platform for streaming and this platform makes it easy to connect with the community. The ninja said that I quit twitch because I want to do something new and Mixer is a good platform to do this new thing. There are many other benefits of moving a ninja from a twitch to a mixer platform. Like the Ninja might have gotten a good amount from Mixer. And the ninja will also see less competition in the mixer.

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