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Playstation 5 Price & Pre-order

Playstation 5 Price & Pre-order


Playstation 4 was released a long time ago.  Playstation 4 was released in 2013. And even today, ps4 can play all of the currently released games with its 2013 hardware.

But now a lot of people are hoping for a new PlayStation as ps4 launches and it has been around 5 to 6 years and now PlayStation 5 is likely to come.

Pre-Order & Price

You may be surprised to know that there is a Sweden website called Mediamarket that has started pre-ordering for Playstation 5. Pre-orders for Playstation 5 have been launched on the Mediamarket website priced at 9999 SEK.

SEK is Swedish currency.  9999 SEK is about $ 1050 if you convert to US $. If we convert $ 1050 into rupees, that’s around 70000. But this is not true if you think that Playstation 5 will cost you 70000 rupees. Because when the iPhone X was launched, it was priced at around $ 1000, so around 70000 Indian rupees, but the price of the phone coming to India has gone up to Rs 1 lakh.

The possibility of something similar happening in Playstation 5 is also quite clear. When Playstation 4 launched, it cost 400 to 500 US $ while the price of Playstation 5 didn’t seem to be the same.

Because according to a news Playstation 5 is capable of gaming at 120 frames in 4K. In today’s date, if you go to buy a PC that is capable of gaming 60 fps in 4k then that pc will cost you Rs 1 lakh. And if you go for a Future Proof pc then you need 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees.

Now you have to think and ask how if the PC with such a specification cost you Rs 1 to 1.5 lakh, how would the Playstation 5 come from 60000 to 70000? If the Playstation 5 launches at 60 to 70 thousand, then it may not be as good as anyone else, but as far as I believe, the price of the Playstation may be a bit higher.

Launch confirm

There is a news from Bloomberg regarding the launch of PlayStation 5. If you do not know what Bloomberg is, then I will tell you that this is a very big data analyst website. Bloomberg has given a complete detailed report as to what the problem may be regarding the launch of PS5 due to the issue of covid19.

In this situation, the launch of PS5 can also be delayed this year and it can be a pushback for next year. But sony is aware of this situation and the company has said that if everything goes well, PS5 will be launched at the end of this year.

But Sony has one of the biggest problems with PS5 launching and that is due to PS5 manufacturing. Sony has already started manufacturing PS5, but due to the lockdown, the manufacturing of the product is facing problems and Sony is not able to produce as much stock as is needed for the launch.

Due to this, we may get to see some delays in its launch.

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