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Payday Crime War for Android

Payday Crime War for Android

Payday is a game made for PC and console and now this game has also been brought for mobile phones. Day by day our smartphones are becoming more powerful, that is why the games that are being launched for PC and console have started appearing on mobile phones as well. So today we are going to talk about one such game whose franchise started with PC and console but now this game will enter our smartphone called Payday Crime War.

Game Details

Payday Crime war is a multiplayer online game. This game is made by the overkill software company. In this game, you will be able to play the game by selecting heisters or cops. If you’ve played the counter strick game on PC, this game will look a bit similar.

There will be different places in the game like bank casinos etc. The graphics of the game are good and if you like playing PVP game then this game will love it too.

Graphics of this game are good and you do not give any chance to complain. Despite the low size of the game, the graphics of this game seem to be real and colorful. In the game, you will see small details very well.

Not only the graphics of the game but the music of this game is also very good.  The sound of gunshots is kept real and you will get the feel of a counter strike game because the concept of this game is similar to Counter-Strike.

The game control is also very good and you will not have any problem at playing. The control button is quite responsive.

The beta version of Payday Crime War was launched in the US and the game was played by many people. This game ran for a long time, but after that due to some issues, this game shut down on December 16, 2019. Perhaps this issue was brought to the publisher of this game.

If such a good game is shutdown then it seems a bit strange and that too when this game was completely developed and its beta version was also available for us to play. But not everything can be perfect all the time and this idea also relates to this game.

If we go to the official web site of this game, details have been given about when this game was closed. But there are not much details about why it was closed. This website has only written that this game is pending at present and the game will be launched with a new publisher.

This means that this game will definitely be launched with a new publisher in the future as the game has been fully developed, now the game needs only one publisher so that this game can start again.

If you are a fan of this game and want to know all the news related to this game, then you can subscribe to its newsletter by visiting the official website of the game below so that you can get any news related to this game.



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