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PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update

PUBG Mobile is constantly bringing updates and this is why this game is becoming more and more frequent. This update is going to be a very big update because in this update you will get to see many new things. So today we will talk about what’s new in pubg mobile 0.15.0, so let’s start.

Gas can

You will know about the gas can which is red in color and generally, we ignore this because it can be found everywhere. right now it is only used for putting petrol in the vehicle but soon it will be used as a grenade too. This update is going to be very good because in this update when you shoot Gas Can, it will explode and there will be a huge explosion. In the current version, it does not explode but after this update, it will definitely burst.

Whenever your enemy is in front of a gas can, you can shoot that gas can and fire it like a grenade, which will cause as much damage to your anime as Ned does. And it is a real-life fact that whenever we shoot in a gas tank, it explodes and this real-life thing will be seen in PUBG as well.


This tank-like car is currently available in pubg pc and we will also see this car in our beloved pubg mobile. The special thing about this car is that the bullet does not have any effect on this vehicle, you can shoot wherever you want, but nothing will happen to this car. Even if you shoot at the tires of this car, then nothing will happen to this car.

BRDM 2 is a very good vehicle. It runs at a speed of 80 on the ground but it becomes a little slow when climbing the slope. But the best thing about this vehicle is that you can run it on the ground but you can run this vehicle in water also. Apart from this vehicle, there is no other vehicle in PUBG that runs on both land and water. The speed of BRDM 2 decreases in water. It runs at a speed of 30 in water.

Ledge grab

With the help of this feature, the way you play your game will change because in pubg mobile, whenever you try to go from one building to another, many times fall, but now it will not happen because whenever you jump from a long gap. You will be hanging on that other building instead of falling down. This can be a very good update.


PUBG Mobile has a huge problem and the name of that problem is hackers.  Hackers have created panic in the entire game. These hackers kill innocent players in pubg very badly and the team of pubg also did not catch them but now it will not happen because pubg will bring its new anti-hacking system with this new update. In which the pubg mobile team will identify hackers and ban them for 10 years.

I am very happy personally with this system because these hackers play with an emulator and also do hacking on it and tell themselves pro gamer that this game is notorious with such people.


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