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New hero in clash of clans

A new hero in clash of clans


In our beloved Clash of clans, the new hero has taken the entry. So let’s know about this new hero.

The clash of clans is incomplete without a hero and you all know that right now we have three heroes available in clash of clans such as the king which is the Barbarian king queen which is the archer queen and then comes our grand warden. Right now we have 2 males and one female character and all of them have some features and capabilities.

New hero Royal Champion

Our new hero is named Royal Champion which is a female character. According to my opinion, this hero is stronger than all other heroes. You will get this new hero exclusive only on Th13. 

Talking about the damage per second of Royal champion, it gives damage to 530 per second. Its hitpoint is 3900 which is very good. After using the hero’s ability, the damage will be 1860 per second. And that would increase his hit point to 2600. And its number of targets will be four.

The special thing about Hero is that it attacks only on defense. Our new hero Royal Champion can also jump the wall. This hero is very overpowered and her ability is no less than a bullet train. When we use her ability then she will hit multiple targets simultaneously. We only get to see this feature in Electro Dragon. But now we will see this quality in Royal Champion too.

New troop Yeti

With the update of our new Townhall 13, you are also going to get a new troupe which is named yeti. However, this troupe will also be found at town hall 12. A lot of concept videos have already been created on this troop. If you search Yeti COC in google, then you will get to see a similar troop and I think that this new troop has been created by being inspired by it.

yeti is an elixir troupe. Its housing space is 18. Movement speed will be 12 and damage per second will be 230 and hitpoints will be 2900. Yeti will have target ground buildings and it will attack all types of buildings. Its special thing is a basket tied behind it, in which yeti mite is kept. yeti mite has damage of 56 and its hit points are 300 and it can target both ground and air buildings. And the special thing about yeti mite is that it targets only defense buildings. And its other feature is that yeti mites can also jump the walls.

New Defence Scattershot

This defense is very dangerous.  the scattershot defense you will find in town hall 13 and its number is 2.  The damage per second of scattershot is 150 and the hit point is 3000. This defense will target both ground and air troops.

This is the news of town hall 13 so far. If you are a fan of clash of clans game then you have come to the right place because in this blog you will get to see all the news and updates related to clash of clans. So if you want to stay updated with the news related to your favorite game, please subscribe to our blog.

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