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Devil may cry for Android

Devil may cry for Android

Today I will tell you about a game whose franchise is very popular in pc and console.  Now this game is also coming soon for Android devices.

Devil may cry game franchise is made for pc and console and is an open-world action game that is very fun to play. If you played a game of its pc or console version, then you will know how good the graphics of this game are. Many different weapons are available to be seen in the game.

If I told you Devil May Cry Franchise was made by mistake, will you believe my things? But this is absolutely true. When the first game of this franchise came, which we knew as devil may cry, it was not really devil may cry. That game was resident evil 4 This is shocking news.

The game was supposed to be resident evil 4 earlier, but the game’s directors felt that this time it will make the game a bit different, as this game will have a lot of action, lots of cinematics, and its hero will be much more stylish. But as the game was developing, it was moving away from the concept of original resident evil and now this game did not seem to be survival horror, now it became a different action game. The director felt that now he could not sell this game in the name of resident evil, so he thought that now he will create a completely new game which will have a new story and a new character and this new game is named devil may cry and its main character became Dante.

This is how this game was created by mistake and this game has become very popular and now you can enjoy this experience and the same fun on your phone.

Devil may cry mobile

Pre-registration of Devil may cry mobile has started. TAP TAP, which is a Chinese game store in which new games are coming very soon, in the same TAP TAP, pre-registration for Devil may cry mobile has started.

Devil may cry mobile has been developed by Yun Chang Games and you can also see the trailer of this game in TAP TAP. In the trailer, If we talk about the graphics of this game then the graphics of this game are the ultimate in looks and there are very few games on the mobile platform that can compete with the PC or console in terms of graphics and this game comes in the list of the same games. the graphics of the game are shown very well and you will get to see the gameplay like a console on your mobile.

In this game, you will get powerful weapons so that you can destroy your enemy. The special thing about this game is its gameplay. When you are fighting with your enemy, you get a chance to perform a combo. You can perform an amazing combo with a very powerful sword and guns which look very beautiful. You can use every weapon you have while fighting.

So far nothing has been known about the release date of this game but maybe this game could be released to 2020. Right now the pre-registration of this game is going on in TAP TAP, so you can pre-register for this game so that whenever the beta version of this game comes, you can play it.

Pre Registration

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