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Prologue game

Prologue game

A new game is coming from player unknown’s battlegrounds ie PUBG, called prologue. So let’s know about this game.
Brendan Greene, who has created a game like PUBG, is going to launch another great game from his side. 2 days ago a video was posted on the youtube channel of playerunknownproductions, that video was a teaser of prologue game.

The teaser of the game is very short and quite strange. after seeing the teaser, it is known that the graphics of this game are going to be very powerful. When the teaser is turned on, Your character stands in a dense forest in the first-person view where it is raining with lots of wind and lightning. The heavy breathing voice of the hero is heard in the teaser and the sound of the howling of the dog is also heard.

The developer of the game has said that in this game he will give us a new gaming experience. And new gaming technology is going to be used in this game. Every time you play this game, you will get a new experience every time.

According to me, the theme of this game is going to be different from PUBG. This will not be a battle royale game, its 100 percent guarantee. This game will come with a different concept and this game will come in the first-person view. Maybe it can happen that right now this game will only come for PC and Console.

PUBG’s creator Brendan Greene had made an announcement in which he said that the hype he had created for PUBG in the hearts and minds of people is quite impossible to make hype again from that game. He had said that he would bring a new thing and perhaps Prologue is the new thing.

Do you know what Prologue means? It means that a drama is going on, a character comes in that drama and that character tells you the whole story of that drama as its own. This means Prologue. Now, why was this game named Prologue? The answer may be that this is the story of this character who will go ahead in this drama and this game can also have an interesting story.

I think this game will be unpredictable and maybe artificial intelligence can also be used in this game. Whenever this game comes, a new revolution will come in the gaming world. Because this company has already done this with its PUBG game.

Right now the teaser and website of this game have been launched. There is no official news about the release date of this game. But I give you a hint. The hint is that this game will probably be launched with the nextgen console. When next-gen versions of PlayStation and Xbox will come, then with that console we might get to see this game. Pre-registration of this game has also started so if you want to pre-register for this game then you can do it from the link given below.

If you like this news, then you can comment in the comment box below, what do you think is going to happen in this game and in which direction is this production of player unknown’s going.

We hope that this new game coming from PUBG will be a very good game. Just like PUBG has made its place in the hearts of so many people, this game may also create a hype in the hearts of people and we hope that this game will prove to be good and in the future, we should see this game for mobile phones too.

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