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Download Devil may cry mobile

Download Devil may cry mobile

Devil may cry is a great game franchise and in the previous article, we gave details of how the devil may cry game, which was made by a mistake, became a favorite game of game lovers.

When the first installment of this franchise was launched, it became much more popular. People liked it a lot more and that’s why Company thought we would make the second part of it and when the company started working on DMC 2. But do you know that the original team that created DMC 1 has not made DMC 2? The reason for this is that the company had made DMC 2 from someone else without informing the original team of DMC 1. And the result was that DMC 2 failed badly.

After the long wait of people, when DMC 5 was launched, a complaint of people also came with it and that complaint was that DMC 5 is a very small game and it ends very quickly. If the skilled player plays it, then this game will be completed in 8 hours. So this game is very small and the complaint of the people is also right to some extent because if people are spending money on this game and this game will be completed in just 1 day then it is not much fun. And that’s why a lot of people got disappointed.

If we talk about the timeline of this game franchise, then the timeline of this game is quite disturbing. If I can tell you the order of the storyline, then DMC 3 should come first according to the timeline, then DMC 1 should come after that and then DMC 2 and then DMC 4 and DMC 5. This should be perfect order. So it is a little difficult to understand the timeline of this game. These were some facts and details related to the Devil may cry franchise. And now you are going to enjoy these facts and franchise in your phone too

A few days ago the mobile version of a super gaming franchise devil may cry was announced. Pre-registration of devil may cry game on Chinese game store TAP TAP was also started.

This pre-registration is for both Android and iOS devices and the people registering it were going to get beta access to this game i.e. whenever the beta test of this game starts, the registering people will be given to play the beta version of the game.

On youtube, you will get to see the gameplay of devil may cry mobile. The game is based on storylines and the game is online because perhaps in future developers will add new things to this game. The game looks very beautiful and its graphics are also very good. The controls are also good and you will not face any problem in playing the game.

A lot of people had registered for this game and they all got the beta version of this game. But if you have not yet received the beta version of this game, then do not worry go to the registration link given below and register, you will get to download the beta version of this game very soon.


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