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PUBG mobile upcoming updated in 2020

PUBG mobile upcoming updated in 2020

pubg mobile is one of the most played games in Asia. Because this game has revolutionized the world of mobile gaming and people have started connecting with gaming. There were also many people who used to consider mobile games as childish, they have also started mobile gaming because of pubg mobile.

The year 2019 has been a very good year for the pubg as during this year he has managed to connect more and more people to his game. This year, you have got to see a lot of new updates on pubg mobile which has doubled your gaming experience and that is why people are also taking interest in this game. The year of 2019 has been so good for pubg mobile that this game has been downloaded the most in 2019 itself.

And the pubg will also give us new updates from the same formula moving forward in 2020, which will give you a refreshing feeling by playing.  So let’s see what new updates are likely to come in pubg mobile in 2020.


Drone feature is also available in pubg mobile’s competitor call of duty, but in that game, it works in a different way, in that you can kill the enemy with a drone, but in pubg, you can find the enemy with the right direction of the drone. And will also be able to spectate it. The special thing about this drone is that it does not affect the bullet of the anime team, so you can do spectate without any problem.

According to a leak, you will also get to see the lantern in pubg mobile, This lantern is for you to avoid the icy winds because in the new update, the icy wind moves and if you are out in that air, it will damage you and your health will decrease rapidly, so you can take the lantern to avoid these winds as soon as you take the lantern.  A circle will be formed around you, in which you will not have any damage and your health will not be reduced. And with that, you can also find some animals such as deer and hen you can collect the flesh of these animals by killing them and you can also cook and eat them.

Erangle 2.0

The players of pubg mobile have been waiting for this map for many days because this map has come in pubg PC, but now the wait for players will be over in 2020 and you will get to see erangle 2.0 very soon. In this new map, you will get to see almost everything new because it has changed the whole house of erangle, the number of trees has also been increased, the grass has been made more dense and realistic and the graphics have also been sharper and better. This map will bring refreshments to pubg mobile and increase the experience of playing games.

90Hz and 120Hz

For now, pubg mobile supports only 60 fps at most, but right now many phones have come in the market that supports refresh rates up to 90Hz and 120Hz that’s why developers of pubg mobile are working on this and very soon in this game you will get to see refresh rates up to 90Hz and 120Hz and in which your gaming experience will be double.


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