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Extraction movie review

If you are a fan of superhero action movies and you have not heard about Avengers, its chance is very less. A question that has been troubling all of us for a long time is when will the world of Avengers be revisited. I have found the answer to this question for you. Extraction movie will do this

This time our Thor has brought such a film for you, in which you will get to see a special combo of strong action, and a lot of emotion. The most exciting thing is that the writers of this film are also the ones who made the world of Avengers more special than usual. Extraction is a 2-hour film and you can watch this movie on Netflix. The film has been released in English language but its Hindi dubbing is also available.


This time the story is written around some dangerous people doing drugs business who want to get ahead of each other at any cost and often put their family on the bet in this race. A similar situation exists for a drug dealer in Mumbai, whose good life is completely turned into a bluff.

When suddenly one night, his son Ovi is kidnapped. This kidnapping connection is with Amir, another drug dealer sitting in Bangladesh who wants to become the king of the drug world and is slowly ending his competition. Then there is an entry in the film of a secret agent named Tyler who is running far away from life and is often looking for a mission in which the risk of life is highest and the guarantee of death is almost certain.

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This time their mission is to bring Ovi back from Bangladesh to Mumbai and earn a lot of money in return. But in reality, it is more difficult than listening. Aamir’s fear is spread throughout Bangladesh and from big gangsters to the entire police department also dancing on his gestures. In such a situation, it is very difficult to get Ovi out of there.

A second secret agent named Saju brings a twist to the story, who used to work for the Special Force earlier but is now Ovi’s bodyguard and wants to bring Ovi back to Mumbai even before Tyler. Tyler or Saju who will reach Ovi first. Film extraction works to answer these questions.


The biggest strength of the film is its powerful action which can remind you of the famous Hollywood movie John Wick or the mobile game PUBG. This time, a single man’s fight is against the entire drug mafia, in which such a game of bloodshed has been played with tremendous fighting, after seeing that your eyes will be torn. After watching the fierce fight of Randeep Hooda and Chris Hemsworth, your heart bit starts running like a horse.

The superhit Indian song playing in the background of the film thrills you and makes this experience quite special. The story focuses on the relationship between father and son and the same thing makes the extraction stand apart from the rest of the action movie.

On the one hand, there is a fight going on in the film, people are dying and on the other side, the fabric of emotion is woven, which can remind you of a film like Avengers, in which even in a superhero battle, emotion proves to be the biggest x-factor.

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The best part of this film is that in this film not only focus is put on Chris Hemsworth but every small and big actor has tried to give equal screen time. Due to the way the best locations of India and Bangladesh have been used, due to this, despite being a Hollywood film, it gives you a feeling of being desi.

As usual, the biggest star of the film is Chris Hemsworth, who is not a god-like Thor this time, but a modest person. They also get hurt, they also struggle a lot with the brain, but the talent of never giving up makes him your favorite. Pankaj Tripathi’s role is very small but important. Randeep Hooda, as usual, presents his acting skills like iron, but this time someone else has beaten him. Priyanshu, who has played a negative role named Aamir, is the biggest surprise of the film and wins your heart with his strong acting skills.

The Extraction movie is a powerful action thriller in which you will get to see the best cocktail of the emotion but the story is a bit predictable that is why expecting more than content can break your heart.

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