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Assassin's Creed Valhalla | Release date | Trailer | Gameplay everything you need to know

In this article, we are going to talk about the release date of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Trailer Breakdown, and Gameplay, so let’s get started.


Our Viking assassin will be named Eivor in the game. Like Assassin’s creed odyssey, in this game also we can play as a male and female but this time both characters will be named Eivor. The story will remain the same.

The biggest mistake in Assassin’s creed odyssey was the option of male and female. There was no sense of this option in Odyssey. The story writer wrote a cannon story on Kassandra. The policy makes the company and the game have to suffer.

But the story and narrative director of this game Darby McDevitt has taken care of all these things from the start that both male and female cannon remain in the game. But it is obvious that male will be more cannon than female and most people will choose male-only.


This game starts in the 9th century i.e. around 870CE. Where Eivor, who is the leader of his clan, moves from Norway to England with his companions and we have to do our settlement in England.

In England, we have to keep our Norse friends safe and have good relations with the Saxons who used to live in England.

At the same time period, there was a kingdom called Wessex. Alfred was the king of Wessex and in the history of Britain, only Alfred was the only king who fought with Vikings in real. For this reason, he is called Alfred the Great.

England had no name in the 9th century. People knew this as the peace of the land which was first occupied by the Romans, after which the people of Germany came there, they were called Saxons. There were many kingdoms but there was not a centralized name.

England was called Britannia in the Roman empire.  In the game, we have so far told about 4 known kingdoms which will be Wessex, Northumbria, East Anglia, and Mercia. People who see Vikings Serials will know about these kingdoms. In the name of these cities, you will be able to understand these kingdoms more which includes London, Winchester, and Yorkshire and in addition to this, there will be more small towns.In this game, making the Vikings settlement will be the key part. Just like we used to upgrade our Prosperity in Farcry new dawn or in Red dead resumption 2 we used to upgrade Dutch Kemp just like this we have to upgrade this settlement on a very large scale.

Whichever state tries to remove Eivor from England, Eivor will remove them. But here comes a question that why did the nordic people want to settle out of their hometown? The answer is that there were only snow and icy storms in the Scandinavian country’s and nordic people were very good farmers due to which they needed fertile land and environment for farming.

Norway at that time also had many kingdoms and many of them had captured Iceland but groups like Eivor want to settle in England. Most of the nordic history is written by the British people and they used to show them very poorly and the same as shown in the trailer of this game. But the reality was something else and the game would throw light on that too. The word Vikings mean pirates, so everybody knew them as Norse pirates.


If we talk about customization, then you can customize Eivor’s hair, tattoos, etc. In the game, you can hold weapons in both your hands like a shield in one hand and a sword in the other hand or axes in both hands or shields in both hands.

Developers have stated that like Assassin’s creed origins and odyssey, in this game you will not find every one of the weapons again and again. Every time you get a weapon or item, you will get that unique one. The enemy type has also got a lot of attention in the game and this time you will get a lot of different enemies.

The creative director of this game is Ashraf Ismail who previously also directed Assassin’s creed Blackflag. When he heard Odyssey’s complaint, he told that this game is connected to the old Assassin games style and story. And in this game, the team has made a balance in which this game also looks new but is connected to the old story.

The RPG system in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is still implemented and you can choose the dialogs in it. But even after having different choices in dialogs, your character will look like Eivor.

Because the team directing this game had directed Assassin’s creed Blackflag, this time the story would be very similar to Blackflag. Edward Kenway was a pirate who had no connection with Assassin’s but he joined Assassin’s to reach his goals and later became Assassin’s mentor in England.

Like Edward Kenway, here Eivor meets the Hidden one, ie Assassin’s name at that time. Eivor will help Assassin’s to achieve his goals. In return, Assassin’s will help Eivor.

After the trailer, many people asked the question, why is Eivor wearing hidden blades above the wrist? Responding to this, the developers said that after Eivor got this blade, he said that this blade is very cool, so why keep it hidden. And for this reason, Eivor wore the hidden blade above his wrist. and in those times, if you wanted to hide that blade, you would have to cut your finger.

If you have played all Assassin’s Creed games and you feel that these games are now moving away from their original concept. So this game acknowledges this and this time the game director has tried his best to make this game an Assassin’s Creed game.

My opinion

The foundation of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla looks very strong to me. Because the writer and director have created this game keeping in mind the Criticism. Eivor will play an important role to create balance in Assassin’s universes and Vikings.

A question has been raised about the game’s map, how big will the map of this game be? According to me, the map of this game will not be as big as Odyssey. it will be alright size.

You can also do Vikings wrap battle in your settlement. Nordic people carry their religion with them and during the war, the blessing of the gods was everything for them. There will be Norse gods in this game, but just like there were Greek gods in Odyssey, they were remembered only, they will not be real.

on paper, This game is looking very good. Ubisoft Montreal is the game’s main studio. Ashraf Ismail is a creative director who loves Assassin’s Creed series at heart. Writer Darby McDevitt who knows how to write the story of Assassin’s creed and directly highlighted the most popular criticism in the front.

Release Date

No official release date of this game has been announced yet but in the first trailer, it has been confirmed that this game will be released on holiday 2020. It seems that this game will come in the Christmas holidays.

Next Week Gameplay Triller of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will come, so watch this trailer and give your opinion in the comment box below.


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