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Mrs Serial killer movie review

There was a time when we trembled inside when we heard of a film ‘s villain, and at night we could see him in a horrible dream. Today I saw a film that has stigma not only on the whole of Bollywood but also on the strong word like Villan. The name of this film is Mrs Serial killer

You can watch this movie on Netflix, this movie is about one and a half hours long.


This time the story is written around a straightforward girl named Sona Mukherjee who loves her husband very much and is spending a happy normal life with him.

Even if the whole world turns against her husband, even then she will think a thousand times before doubting them and will stand up with them without thinking even in difficult times. Her husband’s name is Dr. Mrityunjoy Mukherjee, who is a gynecologist by profession.

The third character in this movie is a tough police officer named Imran, who is addicted to a dangerous thing like alcohol, but he loves his duty more than alcohol. He is an expert in catching the criminal.

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The twist in the story comes when suddenly some pregnant girl starts disappearing in the city. The direct doubt comes over Dr. Mrityunjoy Mukherjee. After which Imran arrests them and puts them in prison.

Then the film has an entry of Mrs Serial killer ie Sona Mukherjee, who tries to repeat the crime in the same way a serial killer is doing with pregnant girls to prove her husband innocent. So that it proves that the killer is not Mrityunjoy. Rather, there is someone else who is out of the grip of the law and is still playing with innocent girls life.

Will Sona succeed in her mission and free her husband from prison? Or will she get into trouble herself for copying the serial killer? Is Imran just serving the job of the police or is he having some old connection with this case, due to which he is trying to implicate Mrityunjoy in prison for humiliation? And the biggest question is who is the real serial killer and why is he committing such dangerous crime with girls? The film Mrs Serial Killer serves to answer all these questions.


After reading the name and story of the film, you must have felt that a lot of suspense and thrill has been put in the film. But nothing like this is going to happen.

In the film, by showing anything upside down in the name of the story, by playing an earache music in its background, we have been given the feeling that you will get freedom from Corona, but the Bollywood torture is going to be with you. You can forget the mystery, suspense, and thrill in the story, but even the most important words like logic have nothing to do with this film.

When a tattoo is used instead of DNA to identify a dead human and if a serial killer starts distributing honeymoon packages to his victim on the phone for free then understand that you have encountered a dangerous film like Kalank.

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In the film, Jacqueline has injected the needle of her acting into your eyes, that needle has the power to reach your soul in a coma for life.

One good thing in the film is the performance of Manoj Bajpai and Mohit Raina but the director’s heart is set on Jacqueline, on which 90% of the screen time has been looted for free.

This was my opinion. If you have a little spare time, you can watch this movie.

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