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Code live: mobile game for Android/IOS pre-registration started

Today we are going to talk about a game related to the same zombie named Code live. So let’s start.Zombie an imaginary dangerous creature. We are aware of this word. In our entire life, we must have watched many movies related to zombies and played games too. Because this is a character who has come from our own world, it frightens us and does our entertainment too.  

A lot of zombie-related games exist for the mobile platform and all is very good, but the game I liked the most among them is Life After Game. Life after games has been created by the NetEase company which is a Chinese game developer company. It is an online multiplayer game with graphics Ultimate and Code live game is also based on the same concept.


Actually, Code live game was announced by Tencent in 2019. Tencent is a Chinese game development company that has developed and published our favorite game PUBG mobile.

If you have played PUBG mobile, then you must know Lightspeed & Quantum Studio. It is an internal team of Tencent. This studio has been in operation since 2008.

Think for yourself that Code live game is being made by a game developer team that has created PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile is so successful that it has touched all the heights of success.

Code live will be an online multiplayer game. This game will be open-world so that you will be able to explore the entire map.

Code live powered by Unreal Engine 4. Unreal Engine is a game engine that was created by Epic Games in 1998. Technically it is one of the most advanced engines in the world and it is a real-time 3D creation tool which is used by all game developer company nowadays.

The development of this game started 2 years before the Code live game was announced. We can see the time and hard work involved in the development of this game in the trailer.

Seeing the trailer of the game, it is known that this game is also inspired by Days gone. After watching the trailer, it seems that the graphics of this game are going to be ultimate. In the trailer, small things are shown very closely, and apart from this, stunning locations have been used in the game.

In the game, you will be able to run vehicles, and maybe animals can also be seen. Different weather systems have also been developed in the game and a combination of Day and Night will also be seen with it.

In this game, you can avoid zombies by making your shelter. Apart from that, you can also do Hunting, Fishing, Boating, Climbing, and camping.

Because this is a zombie survival game, you will also need a weapon to kill the zombie. In the game, you will get to see guns like M416, AK, and 98K.


At present, nothing has been announced by the company about the official release date of this game. But Pre-registration of this game has started. This pre-registration has started at the Chinese game store Tap Tap. Pre-registration or launching of every game made by a Chinese developer takes place first only in China, and only then it is available to be seen on the Play Store and App Store.

If you have to do pre-registration, you can do it with the button given below.      


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