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Hitman Sniper 2: World of Assassins early access out for Android download now

Today we will talk about Hitman Sniper 2 which is a mobile game, so let’s start.

If you are a gamer and you have not played Hitman game then your gaming experience is incomplete. This game is very popular between action and stealth gamers. This game has been created by IO interactive and the first installment of the game was launched on 21 November 2000 named Hitman: Codename 47.

The specialty of this game is the stealth mode of the game. If you play the game in stealth mode then you will enjoy a lot more. You had to run your mind in every single mission of this game. In the game, you used to do your work in such a way that the enemies did not even know and this is also the specialty of this game.

Many of the installments of this game franchise came but it is only available for PC and console. But now the mobile version of this game has also arrived which is named Hitman Sniper 2: World of Assassins


Like the hitman game we play in PC and console, this game is not that kind but is good for entertainment. Many of Hitman’s games are available for the mobile version, but the best of them is the Hitman Sniper series. Hitman Sniper 2: World of Assassins This game is a sequel to Hitman Sniper. A lot of things have been updated in this game.

As the name of the game suggests, this game is based on the sniping concept. In this game, you just have to snipe from far away.

This time a new feature has been added in the game that now you can kill your enemy in your own way, in which you will have to take help of environment and your own skills.

This time you have to kill your enemy in a creative way, as if your enemy is standing below a chandelier, then you have to shoot on that chandelier so that it breaks and falls on your enemy and your enemy dies. So in such a creative way, you have to kill your enemy and by doing this, you will also get reward points.

As you complete your contract, your teams of sharpshooters will also grow. Each of the assassins in your team will have different skills and unique rifles and you can choose any of those assassins for your contract.

The difficulty will also increase as you progress in the game, accordingly, you will have to upgrade your Weapons as well.

My opinion

I think Hitman Sniper 2: World of Assassins is a good game. If you like sniping type games then this game is best for you. If you talk about the gameplay then it is much better than the previous game and got to see the improvement.

The graphics of the game are good and will give you good fun in terms of entertainment. I especially liked one of the features of this game and that feature is to kill your enemy in your own way. This feature reminds us that we are playing Hitman games.


Hitman Sniper 2: World of Assassins is not officially launched yet. For now, early access to this game has been launched because this game is still in development and is unstable. And developers launch early access of games to know about bugs and glitch in the game.

So if you want to download this game, you can download this game by clicking on the download button given below.

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