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Clash Quest Clashmas December 2021 Update Important Details

The month of December brings with it a new update of Clash Quest called Clashmas Update. Recently, the dev video of the game’s December Month Update has been released on the official YouTube channel of Clash Quest and in that video, all the information related to the Clashmas update has been given.

If you play Clash Quest and want to know what are the new things coming in the December update of Clash Quest then this article is for you because in this article we will give you complete information about Clashmas update.

Clan Updates

After the Clashmash update, the online status of the members present in the clan will be visible i.e. when a clan member is playing the game or his game is open, then a green indicator will appear on his profile, which will inform that, that member is currently online.

Clan Member Sort

Now clan members can also be sorted by their Daily Points and Season Points. This feature is very important for clan leaders.

Clan League Attack Log

This feature is very useful especially for the clan leader because now with the help of the attack log, the leader of the clan will be able to see who has attacked in the war and who has not, along with this he will also be able to know who has failed the attack and whose attack was successful?

Balance Changes

  • Some balance changes have also been made in the game through the December update.
  • In the update, bonus points for dungeons have been reduced by 35%, although there has 25% increase in single stages points.
  • Bosses will have 15% less health points due to which you will be able to beat them easily.
  • The description of many items in the game is a bit confusing and you must have felt this too but now it has been fixed.
  • If you are left from any clan, if you want to join back in that clan, then you will have to wait for 24 hours.
  • Now if you find magic items in dungeons league and island then you will get to see a pouch of that magic item instead of a crate.
  • When you clear any Iceland then you get to see a chest at the end, after updated that chest will show you whether that chest has guaranteed item crate or not.
  • After the update, all the fire effects of Troops will remain intact until the target is defeated, with that now the chances of all fire effects being spread are 50%, the chance of a bomb miner’s firebomb being applied to the target is 100%.

This was all the important things of Clashmas update of Clash Quest which is important for you, apart from this, some bug fixes have been done in the update, which full details you can see in the official dev video.

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