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Apex Legends Season 12 Battle Pass Leaks, Expected Battle Pass Skins

If you are an Apex Legends player then you must be thinking about the next season 12 of the game right now because the current season 11 is going to end very soon. If you are excited about season 12 then you are reading the right article because in this article we will tell you about the skins coming in the battle pass of season 12.

Actually, as soon as season 12 approaches, data miners have started their work and are sharing information in social media about the things coming in the battle pass of season 12. According to the news circulating at the moment, the code name of the battle paas of season 12 is “Rebel Biker”, due to which everything coming in the battle pass of season 12 will be based on the theme of the biker.

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From the details released by the data miners related to the battle pass of season 12, it seems that this time we may get to see a little redesign in the battle pass of season 12. This time in the battle pass of season 12, we’ll get to see epic quality skins from Lifeline, Crypto, and Ash. If we talk about the Legendary skin, then at present no information has come out about which legend will get the Legendary skin, but we can predict which legends will get the Legendary skin in this battle pass.

In this Battle Pass, Lifeline, Crypto, and Ash will get epic quality skins, which means that we will no longer get to see the Legendary skins of Lifeline, Crypto, and Ash in this Battle Pass. The legend who got the Legendary Skin in the last 2 seasons will also not get the Legendary Skin in this Battle Pass which means Gibraltar, Mirage, Horizon and Valkyrie are also out of this list. We think that Revenant, Loba, Seer and Fuse may get Legendary skins in this Battle Pass because these four legends haven’t got Legendary skins.

Apex Legends Season 12 Ash Epic Quality Skin

An image of Ash’s epic quality skin coming in the battle pass of season 12 has been shared by data miners. This skin of Ash looks very beautiful in appearance because there is a lot of detailing in this skin. Along with a lot of detailing, we also get to see leather parts in this skin.

If you like to operate the G7 Scout Gun, then in this Battle Pass you will get a chance to buy the level 97 epic skin of the G7 Scout Gun.

Due to the redesign of the Battle Pass, we can also see 2 Legendary Weapon Skins in the upcoming Battle Pass which will be of EVA-8 and Peacekeeper.

Whenever a new battle pass comes, the highlight of that battle pass is the reactive skins and this time in the battle pass we will get to see the reactive skin of the Hemlok gun. Due to the biker theme, we may get to see a lot of metal and a little leather in the Hemlok gun skin.

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