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Clash of Clans Upcoming Dark Elixir Troop in 2022?

Troops present in Clash of Clans are divided into two parts, in which one part consists of elixir troops and the other part consists of dark elixir troops. Both elixir and dark elixir troops are very powerful and both types of troops are needed for a 3 star attack. With the combination of elixir and dark elixir troops, we can execute a balanced and perfect attack, although this balance of troops has deteriorated after TH14.

If you are an old player of Clash of Clans, then you must have known that whenever a new townhall comes in Clash of Clans, then at least 2 new troops definitely come with that new townhall. One of which is the elixir troop and the other is the dark elixir troop. However, after TH14, only the elixir troop has been released, which is Dragon Rider, which means that there is still a new dark elixir troop to come.

TH14 was released on 12 April 2021 i.e. almost 9 months have passed since the release of TH14 and till now the new dark elixir troop has not come in the game, due to which the question is now arising in the minds of the players, will the new dark elixir troop is going to come or not? If this question is also going on in your mind then you are reading the right article because in this article we will tell you when the upcoming dark elixir troop is going to come.

You must have been aware that this time after TH14, there was a long delay in the arrival of the new elixir troop Dragon Rider and due to this delay, now the release of the new dark elixir troop is also getting delayed. At the moment the developers do not have much time to release the new dark elixir troop as the new TH15 is also very likely to be released in the game by the end of this year.

If we talk about the release date of next dark elixir troop, then the upcoming dark elixir troop of the game can be released in April 2022 because April and December updates are special in Clash of Clans, the reason for this is that both these updates bring new troops, new spell, new siege machine and other great things.

At the moment it cannot be predicted which will be the upcoming dark elixir troop of the game but we can definitely predict whether the mode of the upcoming dark elixir troop will be ground or air. Currently, most of the dark elixir troops present in the game are of the ground mode, due to which, in order to keep the game stable, there is a possibility that the upcoming dark elixir troop of the game will be of air mode.

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