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How Brutal Is Moon Knight?

Coming out of Marvel Comics, another super hero has entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe, named Moon Knight. Moon Knight’s entry in the MCU is going to happen through a series as the trailer of Moon Knight series has been released by Marvel recently.

In the official trailer of the Moon Knight series, we see Moon Knight beating a man badly, which gives us an idea that Moon Knight is a brutal superhero but do you know how brutal Moon Knight is? If you also have a question about the brutality of Moon Knight, then you are reading the right article because in this article we will try to tell you how brutal Moon Knight is through the comic books of Moon Knight.

Batman Brand Criminals

If you’ve watched Ben Affleck’s Batman v Superman, you must have known that Batman used to brand criminals in that film, but Moon Knight had started branding criminals before Batman. Actually, in the mid-2000s, in issue #13 of Charlie Huston’s Moon Knight comic, it is shown that Moon Knight used to make his moon mark on the forehead of the criminals i.e. branded the criminal, due to which the criminals themselves used to go to the police and complain about the cruelty done by Moon Knight.

Once in the time line of Civil War, our first Avenger i.e. Captain America went to meet Moon Knight. Although he had only gone to meet Moon Knight, but during the conversation the temperature increased so much that Moon Knight had told many swear words to Captain America.

Moon Knight’s actions prove to be brutal not only for criminals but also for Moon Knight himself. For example, in issue #9 of Jeff Lemire’s Marc Spector comic, Marc Spector was so upset with his multiple personalities that he wanted to clear his mind. To clear his mind, he calls all his personalities together and kills all the personalities except one personality and absorbs that one remaining personality.

Marc Spector’s multiple personality was not a disease for him but a family because whenever Marc Spector fell alone, that personality would come in handy for Marc Spector. For Marc Spector to separate his multiple personalities from himself was exactly like Marc Spector’s family had turned away from him and that’s why this step of Marc Spector hurt him so much.

Moon Knight has also done such an act in his life, after doing which almost all the villains are afraid of Moon Knight. In the second chapter of Charlie Huston’s Moon Knight comic, Moon Knight is fighting a dangerous villain named Bushmaster. While fighting with Bushmaster, Moon Knight gets very injured and both his knees are also broken and due to this bad condition Moon Knight gets very angry and he furiously peels off Bushmaster’s face.

Moon Knight Bushman
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It is obvious that after the skin of Bushmaster’s face is removed, he does not survive. Bushmaster’s death affects Marc Spector so much that Bushmaster always tries to currupt Marc Spector by coming into his memory. The act of Moon Knight killing Bushmaster was so brutal that now the villains surrender before fighting Moon Light.

These were some such acts of Moon Knight in which we can see the extreme brutality of Moon Knight.

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