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Lost Ark: Best Islands For Tier 2 Honing Materials

Lost Ark is a game in which you will find a lot of items that you can use to survive in the world of Lost Ark, however, due to the huge map of the game, it becomes a bit difficult to find those things because some particular items in the game are found only on some particular islands. Players also have to face difficulties in finding items because most of the items in the game have different levels and the items of each particular level are found only on particular islands. In this article, we will give you information about one such item which is Honing Materials.

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Honing Materials is one such item with the help of which you can boost your gear score. There are different levels of Honing Materials and different levels of Honing Materials are found on different islands. In this article, we will tell you on which island you will find the Honing Materials of level 2 because the players in the game face the most difficulty in finding the items of tier 2 because the maximum number of players present at level 1 are beginners.

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Top 8 Island to find tier 2 Honing Materials

There are 8 such islands in the list present below where you’ll find plenty of tier 2 honing materials. To easily find the islands given in this list, you can also type the names of those islands in the map.

  • Aiwana Island/Origins of Stern: You have to go to the west side of the Arthetine region and complete the perfect getaway quest. To complete the quest, you have to go to Pato Island, after which you have to go to Aiwana Island in the next step. After reaching Aiwana Island, you have to complete all the quests, after which you will get tier 2 rewards.
  • Liebeheim/North of East Luterra: The quest in the North of East Luterra port will lead you to Shoeshire where you’ll find tons of tier 2 rewards.
  • Fomona Island/North of East Luterra: You can complete quests on this island in 15 to 20 minutes and get tier 2 rewards.
  • Revelry Row/North of East Luterra: This is a nightclub island where you have to complete a few quests that will earn you tier 2 rewards.
  • Distorted Island/South of South Vern: Due to the environment of this island, you may find this island a bit strange. After reaching the island, you have to proceed further into the forest, after which you will see a character with whom you can talk to and complete quests with and get rewards.
  • Twilight Isle/Northwest of Rethramis: On this island, you can complete tons of quests as well as a tricky dungeon, which will earn you rewards.
  • Hypnos’s Eyes/Southeast of Rohendel: Completing some of the quests on this island will earn you tier 2 rewards.
  • Gravis/East of Rohendel: It will take you 5 to 10 minutes to complete all the quests on this island, after which you will get the rewards of tire 2.

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These were the 8 islands where you will get tier 2 Honing Materials.

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