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Chrono Cross Remastered: How To Get Copper | Where To Find Copper In Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross is a role-playing video game that was released in November 1999, but now recently the game has been released once again. After 22 years, the remake version of this game has been released, in which many new features like better graphics, better gameplay mechanics, and changeable screen resolution have been included.

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For those who love classic games, the remastered version of Chrono Cross is no less than a treat because in the remastered version of the game, players will get to see the same old classic games’ touch that they used to see in 90s games. Chrono Cross is a very interesting game because in this game players can explore engaging storylines, collect items, craft different items, fight enemies, etc.

Although there are many important elements present in this game but the most important element of the game is to craft things because without crafting things you will not be able to progress in the game. There are many such resources in this game using which you can craft things, but in this article, we will tell you about copper because copper is a resource with the help of which you can craft many things. If you do not know how to get copper then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you how you can get copper in Chrono Cross.

How To Farm Copper In Chrono Cross

If you want to get copper in Chrono Cross game, then you can get copper in 2 ways, the first way is to get copper by defeating enemies and the second way is to steal copper from enemies.

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Chrono Cross: From Which Enemies Will You Be Able To Steal Copper?

There are also many such enemies in Chrono Cross from whom we can steal copper. You can see the names and locations of all the ​enemies in the list below from which you can steal the copper.


To steal the copper from Beeba, you’ll need to go to Hydra Marshes (Home) and Another Worlds.


If you want to steal the copper from the Wraith, you’ll have to go to Shadow Forest (Home) and Another Worlds.

King Moaman

To find King Moaman, you have to take a bath in Manor Bluffs.

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Chrono Cross: By Defeating Which Enemies Will You Get Copper?

There are many such enemies and bosses in Chrono Cross that you can defeat to get copper. You can see the names and locations of all those enemies in the list below, defeating which you can get copper.

Daggy Dwarf & Dwarf

You’ll need to head to Hydra Marshes (Home) and Water Dragon Isle (Home) to defeat Dwarf and Daggy Dwarf.


You can find Roborg in Viper Manor (Another World) and Viper Manor Aftermath (Another World).


You can defeat Hydra by going to Hydra Marshes.


If we talk about Potty, then to defeat Potty you have to go to Viper Manor.

Acacia SGT

If you want to get copper by defeating Acacia SGT, you’ll have to go to Fort Dragonia (Another World) and Viper Manor (Another World).


To find Peppor, you’ll have to visit Viper Manor Gates, Fossil Valley, and Cape Howl.


If we talk about Solt, then you will find Solt in Mount Pyre, Fossil Valley, and Cape Howl.

This is how you can get copper in the game Chrono Cross. Which of these two methods of getting copper do you prefer? Do tell your opinion by commenting below in the comment box.

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