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Elden Ring: Best Staff For Melee Players | Elden Ring: How To Get Watchdog's Staff

If you are using melee weapons in Elden Ring game i.e. if you are a melee player then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you about a staff that is made for melee players.

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Usually, in Elden Ring game, the staff is used by the mage because the staff is such a weapon made for the mage. Staff is a long-range weapon and with the help of staff, you can cast spells. If we talk about melee players, then generally the staff does not prove to be very effective for melee players because the staff is a long-range weapon but Watchdog’s staff is a bit different in this matter.

Elden Ring: Watchdog’s Staff Details

Watchdog’s Staff is a great weapon and this weapon is especially useful for melee players. Watchdog’s Staff is suitable for melee players because it is a heavy weapon, you can wield this weapon like a heavy hammer and deliver heavy damage to enemies. You will need 34 Strength and 10 Dexterity to use this weapon.

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Watchdog’s Staff has a unique skill named Sorcery of the Crozier, Sorcery of the Crozier is a unique skill that means this skill is not found in any weapon other than Watchdog’s Staff. Using the Sorcery of the Crozier skill will generate some floating magical projectiles that will automatically chase down enemies and deliver heavy damage. No Ashesh of War can be used in Watchdog’s Staff Weapon. You’ll be able to upgrade Watchdog’s Staff with the help of Somber Smithing Stones.

Elden Ring: Where To Find Watchdog’s Staff?

If you want to get the Watchdog’s Staff, you’ll have to go to the Road’s End Catacombs in Liurnia of the Lakes. After entering the Road’s End Catacombs, when you go a little further, you will see a grace point, you have to activate that grace point. After activating the grace point, you have to get down from the stairs and take the right and move forward. After going forward, you have to jump down from there and then take the left and jump back down. After jumping down you have to turn back and hit the illusory wall there. As soon as you hit the illusory wall, a path will appear in front of you, you have to proceed on that path, after which you will get to see purple collectibles. You have to collect that purple collectible because that purple collectible is the Watchdog’s Staff.

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In this way, you can get Watchdog’s Staff. Did you like Watchdog’s Staff? Tell your opinion by commenting in the comment box below.

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