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Rune Factory 5: How To Move/Transfer Monsters Into Another Barn

Rune Factory 5 is an RPG simulator game. The concept of this game is similar to pokemon because like pokemon, you get to see many monsters in this game too. Like pokemon, in Rune Factory 5 also you can fight monsters, you can capture monsters, you can tame monsters, you can ride on monsters, etc. Most of the features that we get to see in a pokemon game, we also get to see it in Rune Factory 5, although there is a concept that is not the same in pokemon and Rune Factory 5 and that concept is the location of keeping the monsters.

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The pokeball is used to keep the pokemon, whereas in Rune Factory 5 the monsters live in the barn. When you capture any monster in Rune Factory 5, you need a barn to keep that monster which you can easily install by buying from the store. It is very easy to make a barn for monsters and keep them in the barn but many people get confused in transferring their monsters from one barn to another and in this article we will clear the same confusion.

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It’s very easy to transfer monsters from one barn to another. As an example, if you want to transfer your Ariel monster from the barn present in fire dragon to the barn present in earth dragon, then first you have to go to fire dragon and interact with your Ariel monster after that click on “Take along” option After which your Ariel Monster will start following you.

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Now you have to go to earth dragon. Because your Ariel monster is following you, due to which your Ariel monster will also come along with you in earth dragon. Now you have to go to the barn present in earth dragon and then interact with the Ariel monster again and click on the option “Send back to barn” after which your Ariel monster will be transferred to your barn present in earth dragon.

In this way you can transfer any of your monsters from one barn to another.

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