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Elden Ring: Best Early Game Shield | How To Get Manor Towershield In Elden Ring

If you are in the starting phase of Elden Ring game i.e. you are a beginner then this article is for you, because in this article we will tell you about such a shield which you can get very easily even in the early game.

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As a beginner in the Elden Ring game, if you’ve chosen a class that specializes in melee weapons then you’ll need a good melee weapon as well as a good shield that can protect you in the early stages of the game. Elden Ring is a tough game because the enemy present in this game is very powerful, due to which players need a good shield in early game because the level of players in early game is low.

Elden Ring: Manor Towershield Details

If we talk about the best early game shield of Elden Ring, then that shield is Manor Towershield, because Manor Towershield is very powerful and this shield is very easy to get in early game. Manor Towershield is a powerful shield because with the help of this shield you will be able to block powerful attacks of enemies. This shield can block attacks from most enemies and bosses in the early game, and this ability is the biggest advantage of this shield, although this shield also has a disadvantage and that disadvantage is the weight of this shield.

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The weight of this shield is 16, due to which when you equip this shield, this shield will affect your mobility, this shield also has a skill named Shield Bash, when you use the Shield Bash skill, your character will use body weight to ram the enemy with the help of the shield. You can infuse this shield with any Ashes of War, apart from this you can also buff this shield using magic and consumables.

Elden Ring: Where To Find Manor Towershield?

If you want to get Manor Towershield, you’ll have to go to Stormveil Castle in Limgrave. After reaching Stormveil Castle, you have to go to the location marked in the image below.

Where To Find Manor Towershield in LimgraveAfter reaching the location marked in the image, you will find Manor Towershield under the stairs present there.

If you are facing difficulties in finding Manor Towershield then you can watch the above video guide.

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