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My Time at Sandrock: How To Get Water | How To Get Water In My Time at Sandrock

Pathea Games, the studio that made great games like My Time At Portia, has released the early access of its another great game, My Time at Sandrock. My Time at Sandrock is a sandbox life sim game that offers you the best gameplay experience. In this game, you can explore the massive open world, do farming, crafting, build, fight, play mini-games, and many other fun activities.

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Water is a vital resource in My Time at Sandrock because you will need many machines to progress in the game and you will need water to operate those machines, If you do not have water, almost all your machines will not work.

Where To Find Water In My Time at Sandrock?

There are 2 main ways to get water in My Time at Sandrock.

1st Method To Get Water

The first way to get water is to collect Dew because by collecting Dew you can fulfill your water requirement. To collect Dew, you can cut the bushes in the game, however, there is also a disadvantage of collecting Dew by cutting the bushes and the disadvantage is that when you cut the bushes, the people in the game will penalize you.

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If you want to avoid penalty, then you can try the second way of collecting Dew, in which you can go to the research center and give 8 data disks to “Qi” and get the research done from “Qi” on the collector machine. After three in-game days of research, you will get the blueprint of the Dew Collector machine, you can make the Dew Collector machine with the help of the blueprint of the Dew Collector machine in your assembly station. After making the Dew Collector machine, you have to install that machine in your yard, after which you will get a lot of Dew.”

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2nd Method To Get Water

This method of getting water is the easiest because in this method you can buy water. You can buy water from the water world near the water tank, the best thing is that you will get the first 20 units of water at a very low price.

In both these ways, you can get water in My Time at Sandrock. Which is your favorite among these two ways to get water? share your opinion by commenting in the comment box below.

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