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V Rising: How To Get Merciless Nightstalker Armor | Best Armor In V Rising

V Rising is a survival game but this game is a little different from other survival games because in this game you can play the role of a dangerous vampire. Stunlock Studios tried to make V Rising game too dangerous and horror because, in the open world of the game, there are strange and terrifying creatures every step of the way, who are always ready to take the life of your character.

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It’s hard to survive while avoiding dangers in the game, although a great way to solve this problem is to make your character stronger. Although you can make your character strong in many different ways, but in this article, we will tell you about a very easy way, with the help of which you can make your character strong.

The way to make your character strong very easily is with Merciless Nightstalker Armor which is very powerful. Merciless Nightstalker Armor will help you to increase your defense, due to which it will be very easy to progress in the game.

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First of all, let us tell you that unlike other items in the game, you will not find the parts of Merciless Nightstalker Armor randomly, to get Merciless Nightstalker Armor you have to craft Merciless Nightstalker Armor, and to craft Merciless Nightstalker Armor you will need Merciless Nightstalker Armor books.

V Rising Bandit Armory
Bandit Armory

To find Merciless Nightstalker Armor books, you have to go to Bandit Armory. In Bandit Armory you will get to see a boss named Grayson the Armourer. When you defeat Grayson the Armorer, he will drop books, however, Grayson the Armorer drops books only occasionally, that is, the drop rate of books is very low, due to which you will have to defeat Grayson the Armorer boss multiple times.

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After collecting enough Merciless Nightstalker Armor books you have to add those books to your research table after which you will be able to craft Merciless Nightstalker Armor.

This way you’ll be able to get a great armor in the V Rising game. Did you like Merciless Nightstalker Armor? share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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