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V Rising: How To Get Exquisite Hearts | Where To Find Exquisite Hearts In V Rising

Created by Stunlock Studios, V Rising is a survival genre game. V Rising is a very interesting and entertaining game which is very fun to play and for this reason, this game has become famous among the people. A big reason for the success of V Rising game is that this game does not give much hint to the players, that is, how to play this game, the players themselves have to figure out, There is no doubt that people like this feature present in the game very much, but sometimes due to this feature many people have trouble finding the rare things present in the game and today we will talk about one of those rare things which is Exquisite Heart.

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Exquisite Hearts comes under the category of consumable items. Exquisite Hearts is very important because with the help of Exquisite Hearts you can create the best equipment for the end game. Exquisite Hearts is one of the rare things in V Rising because the drop rate of Exquisite Hearts is very low, which makes it challenging to get Exquisite Hearts. If you are also having difficulty in getting Exquisite Hearts then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you about the best and easiest ways to get Exquisite Hearts.

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After playing this game we found out that you can get Exquisite Hearts from level 60 plus humanoids and werewolves.

Gloomgrave Village

If your level is 60 plus and you don’t have any problem in fighting with werewolves then you should go to Gloomgrave Village, because the people living in Gloomgrave Village are suffering from the werewolf curse, due to which you will get to see many werewolves by visiting Gloomgrave Village at night, after defeating which you can collect many Exquisite Hearts.

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Brighthaven Docks

If you want to fill your inventory with other consumable items along with Exquisite Hearts, then Brighthaven Docks will be a great location for you. You can get Exquisite Hearts by eliminating people in Brighthaven Docks, however, you will not find Exquisite Hearts in Brighthaven Docks for the same amount as you will get in Gloomgrave Village but if you farm in Brighthaven Docks, you’ll find plenty of other things, including Exquisite Hearts.

In this way you can get Exquisite Hearts in V Rising. Did this article prove helpful to you? share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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