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V Rising: Farming Guide | How To Get More Seeds For Your Farm In V Raising

V Rising is a survival game and like every survival game, you will be able to do farming in V Rising game as well. If you want to do farming in this game but you do not know how to start farming then this article is important for you because in this article we will give you complete information about farming.

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V Rising: How To Get Garden Floors?

If you want to do farming, then first of all you have to find a place where there is grass and if you want to do farming in a place where grass is not present then you will need Garden Floors. To get Garden Floors, you’ll need to defeat the level 34 Polara The Feywalker boss, because when you defeat Polara The Feywalker, she’ll drop Garden Floors. You’ll have to place the Garden Floors dropped by Polara The Feywalker at your favorite place.

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V Rising: How To Get Seeds

After placing the Garden Floors, you will have to put the seeds in the Garden Floors because without seeds farming is not possible. There are many ways to get seeds, out of which we will tell you about some easy ways.


The easiest way to get seeds is to go to the place where crops are present, you have to harvest the crops after which you will get some seeds. You can also check the containers present around the crops because sometimes seeds are present in those containers also.

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There are also many such bosses in this game, by defeating which you can get seeds. To get the seeds, you can defeat the level 36 Tree Boss which is attached to the ground and looks like a branch. Apart from Tree Boss, you can also get seeds by defeating Scarecrow Boss. Most of the scarecrows present in the game are real which means nothing happens if you hit them. But many times you will also face the Scarecrow Boss, by defeating which you can get seeds.

As of now, we have been able to find only these ways to get seeds. But if we find other ways to get seeds, then we will definitely tell you about those methods.

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