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V Rising: How To Get Stone Dust And Whetstone | Where To Find Stone Dust And Whetstone In V Rising

If you are playing V Rising game then this article will prove to be very important for you because in this article we will tell you how you will be able to get Stone Dust and Whetstone.

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Stone Dust and Whetstone are very important consumables present in V Rising game because without Stone Dust and Whetstone you will not be able to make a grinder and when you cannot make a grinder, you will not be able to build your own castle either, because the grinder helps to create walls and other things made of stone.

The map of V Rising game is huge, due to which finding Stone Dust and Whetstone in the game is a bit difficult task, but in this article, we will tell you about a location where you will find both Stone Dust and Whetstone.

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V Rising, Bandit Armory
V Rising, Bandit Armory

To get Stone Dust and Whetstone, you have to go to a location called Bandit Armory, which you can see in the image above. After reaching the Bandit Armory location, you have to destroy the destroyable things present there, after which you will get a lot of Whetstone and Stone Dust. You can get Whetstone and Stone Dust not only from items in Bandit Armory but also by eliminating a lot of people there.

Now a question arises here that when you will destroy all the destroyable items present in Bandit Armory and eliminate all the people present there then ​how do you get Whetstone and Stone Dust after that? When you destroy all the items in Bandit Armory and eliminate people, after a short time those items and those people will be respawned i.e. you can farm as many Whetstone and Stone Dust as you want in Bandit Armory.

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That’s how you can farm a lot of Whetstone and Stone Dust in the V Rising game. Did you like this article? Share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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