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V Rising: How To Get More Scales | V Rising: Best Locations To Get More Scales

V Rising is a survival game that means you have to survive in this game, although it is not easy to survive in this game because the beautiful open world present in this game is full of dangers. You’ll need to make your character strong to deal with the threats, and you’ll need strong and powerful gears to make your character stronger.

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Making powerful gears is not an easy task at all because to make good gears you will need scales and farming scales is a very difficult task, but this article will make that difficult task easy because in this article we have told about the best way to farm scales.

V Rising: How To Farm More Scales?

Although there are many ways to get Scales but if we talk about the easiest way then that way is fishing. You can get scales by fishing, although fishing is the easiest way to get scales but it is also a very slow way because to get Scales through fishing, first, you have to find the fishing spot, and even if you are successful in finding the fishing spot, there is no guarantee that you will get Scales every time you are fishing.

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You can’t just depend on fishing to get scales because fishing will give you a very small amount of scales but if you want to get a lot of scales then you have to visit Swamp and Spider Cave.

1. Swamp

V Rising Swamp

Swamp is one of the best places to farm Scales because when you go to the Swamp, you will find many Frogs and Spiders there from which you can get a lot of Scales. In addition to Frogs and Spiders, Swamp also contains Earthworms, eliminating which you can get about 80-100 Scales, although it is difficult to find Earthworms compared to Frogs and Spiders because Earthworms come to the ground at random times.

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2. Spider Cave

V Rising Spider Cave

The name of the Spider Cave itself suggests that you will get to see a lot of Spiders in the Spider Cave. You can get many scales by eliminating the spiders in Spider Cave, However, if you are playing in a PvP server, then going to Spider Cave will prove to be a bit challenging for you because there is also a boss in Spider Cave, due to which the traffic in Spider Cave remains high, but if you can go to Spider Cave with a little risk in PvP server or if you are playing in PvE server then Spider Cave can prove to be the best location for you to farm Scales.

These were the places where you will get more Scales. Which is your favorite location between Swamp and Spider Cave? Do share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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