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V Rising: How To Get Highland Lotus Seeds | Where To Find Highland Lotus Seeds In V Rising

At present, survival category games are becoming very popular in the gaming world, due to which many new survival games are being released every year and now another brand new game has been added to the list of those survival games which is V Rising. V Rising is different from other survival games because V Rising gives you a chance to become a Vampire.

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Although there are many exciting activities to do in V Rising, but in this article, we will talk about one such activity which is interesting as well as very important, and that activity is farming. Farming is very important in V Rising because with the help of farming you can get many vital resources. Well, there are many different seeds available in V Rising which can provide you a lot of useful resources but if we say that there is a seed with the help of which you can get an unlimited supply then will you believe us? Actually, you can get a seemingly unlimited supply with the help of Highland Lotus Seeds.

V Rising: Highland Lotus Seeds Location

It is very easy to get Highland Lotus Seeds because you will need just Silver Coins to get Highland Lotus Seeds. If we talk about Silver Coins, then it is very easy to get Silver Coins, as you progress in the game, you will continue to get Silver Coins, although many players consider those Silver Coins to be useless and drop them but you do not have to make this mistake at all because without Silver Coins you will not be able to get Highland Lotus Seeds.

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To buy 1 Highland Lotus Seed, you will have to spend 200 Silver Coins, you have to collect a lot of Silver Coins because the more Silver Coins you have, the more Highland Lotus Seeds you will be able to buy. After collecting enough Silver Coins you have to go to the location called Brighthaven Slums which you can see in the image below.

Highland Lotus Seeds Location
Highland Lotus Seeds Location

After reaching the Brighthaven Slums location, you will get to see a unique trader Ottar the Merchant there. Ottar the Merchant is unique because Ottar the Merchant only accepts Silver Coins. You can buy Highland Lotus Seeds from Ottar the Merchant with the help of Silver Coins. Ottar the Merchant also has Flawless Gems, Big Explosive, and Cosmetic Headgear in addition to Highland Lotus Seeds that you can buy with Siver Coins.

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This is how you can get Highland Lotus Seeds in V Rising game. Do tell your thoughts about Highland Lotus Seeds by commenting below in the comment box.

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