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V Rising: How To Get Planks | How To Use Sawmill To Make Planks In V Rising

V Rising: How To Get Planks | How To Use Sawmill To Make Planks In V Rising

V Rising: How To Get Planks | How To Use Sawmill To Make Planks In V Rising
Image via: Rodwenn/Youtube

V Rising is such a game that we do not feel bored even after playing for a very long time because being a survival game there are many activities available to do in this game, apart from that the developers have added a lot of things to this game which is a lot of fun to find and use.

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Although there are many consumable items in V Rising that are very useful but in this article, we will talk about a vital consumable item of V Rising which is planks. In this article, we will tell you how you can get planks.

If you want to make planks, then first you will need lumber because planks are made from lumber only. If you do not know how to get lumber, then we tell you, to get lumber, you have to cut any tree present in the game, after which you will get lumber.

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After farming a lot of lumber, you have to convert those lumber into planks for which you will need Sawmill and to build Sawmill you have to unlock the Sawmill blueprint. To unlock the Sawmill blueprint, you have to follow the main story of the game until the Sawmill blueprint is unlocked. After the Sawmill blueprint is unlocked, you have to create the Sawmill and place it in your castle.

After placing the Sawmill in the Castle, you have to fill your Castle Heart with Blood Essence because if you do not fill your Castle Heart with Blood Essence then your Sawmill will not work. After filling the Castle Heart with Blood Essence, you have to put the lumber in the Sawmill, after which the planks will start producing.

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In this way, you can get the planks with the help of a Sawmill. Did this article prove helpful to you? Share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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