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Clash of Clans August 2022 Gold Pass Hero Skin Full Details

With each new season of Clash of Clans comes a brand new skin from one of the 4 heroes and like every time, this time also we have brought an article for you, in which we will try to predict which hero’s skin is going to come in the Gold Pass of August 2022. If you are excited about the upcoming brand new hero skin in August 2022, then this article is for you.

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The season of August 2022 is going to be very special because the 10th anniversary of Clash of Clans is going to come in August 2022. Players are very happy due to the 10th anniversary because in August 2022 players will get to see not one but 2 new hero skins.

If we talk about the previous anniversary, then under the 9th anniversary of Clash of Clans, the Archer Queen’s skin came in the Gold Pass and in addition there was a legendary skin which belonged to the Barbarian King.

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If we talk about the skin coming in 10th anniversary then party skin can come in 10th anniversary because for the last few years party skin is coming in the month of August and apart from that the set of party skin is also incomplete at present. At the moment, Royal Champion is the only hero who has not received a party skin, Which makes it clear that the chances of Party Champion skin coming in the Gold Pass of August 2022 are very high.

If we talk about the legendary skin, then the skin of Beat Queen or Beat Warden is likely to come under the legend skin of 10th anniversary. Now this question will come in your mind that what is the difference between the skin coming in Gold Pass and the Legendary skin? The legendary skin has some extra animation as compared to the skin that comes in Gold Pass, which makes the legendary skin look better.

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This was our prediction of skins coming in August 2022. Do you agree with our prediction? You can share your thoughts by commenting below in the comment box.

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