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Lost Ark: How To Get Iron Ores | Best Place To Get Iron Ores

If you play Lost Ark regularly, then you must have known that Lost Ark is a massive game, and to survive in this game, you will need many different resources present in the game, one of which is Iron Ores.

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Iron Ores is an important resource because without this resource you cannot progress in the game. If you do not know, then let us tell you that when you unlock the trade skills present in the game, then you can also use those trade skills for Iron Ores mining and can mine many Iron Ores. Like other resources present in the game, you will find Iron Ores in many different regions, if you do not know about the locations of Iron Ores then this article is for you, because in this article we will tell you about some such places from where you can get Iron Ores.

Lost Ark: Iron Ores Locations

Although there are many such locations in Lost Ark where you will get to see Iron Ores, but in this article, we will tell you about 2 places where you will get to see Iron Ores in abundance.

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1st Location To Get Iron Ores

The first location is for those who do not yet have access to the ship.

Lost Ark Iron Ores Location
Lost Ark Iron Ores Location

To get Iron Ores, you’ll need to go to the location marked in the image above. A lot of copper veins spawn at the marked location, one of the best things is that copper veins respawn very quickly at this location, due to which you can collect Iron Ores until your skill energy runs out.

2nd Location To Get Iron Ores

If you have access to the ship, then the 2nd location will prove to be the best for you because you will get a lot of Iron Ores at this location.

To get tons of Iron Ores you have to open your map and search Meteora Island because the entire Meteora Island is covered with copper veins. You can get plenty of Iron Ores from the many copper veins on Meteora Island.

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A special thing about Meteora Island is that you will not get to see any enemy on Meteora Island, due to which you can mine Iron Ores without any interruption.

These were the 2 best locations where you’ll find plenty of Iron Ores. Which is your favorite place out of these two places? You can share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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