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Clash of Clans October 2022 Gold Pass Hero Skin Full Details

September 2022 has proved to be a very good month for the Clash of Clans players as the finals of the Clash of Clans World Championship have recently been over, in which players have won a lot of in-game rewards by predicting the winning teams.

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Like September 2022, October 2022 is also going to be an exciting month because the Halloween event is going to come in October 2022. You can also see the effect of the Halloween event in the upcoming Gold Pass, that is, the skin of the hero coming in the Gold Pass of October 2022 can be based on the Halloween theme.

If you are also excited about the upcoming hero’s skin coming in October 2022, then this article is for you, because in this article we will try to predict which hero’s skin will come in the next Gold Pass and on which theme will that skin be based.

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Before predicting which hero’s skin will come in the Gold Pass of October 2022, let us tell you that which hero’s skins have come in the last 6 months.

  • April 2022: Shadow King
  • May 2022: Miner Queen
  • June 2022: Summer Warden
  • July 2022: Summer Queen
  • August 2022: Party Champion
  • September 2022: Fest King

If we talk about the algorithm, then according to the algorithm, King’s skin comes first, then Queen’s skin comes, then Warden’s skin comes and then Champion’s skin comes, but as you can see in the above list that the algorithm was broken in July 2022. Now the question must be coming to your mind that why the algorithm was braked? The reason for breaking the algorithm was to complete the summer set.

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Now that you know how the algorithm works, you must have guessed that according to the algorithm, there are more chances of the Queen’s skin coming in October 2022. If we talk about the theme, then the next month Halloween event is coming, due to which it is possible that the upcoming skin of Queen will also be based on the Halloween theme.

Although the possibilities are many in the Halloween theme, but if we talk about the strong possibility then the Skeleton Queen skin is more likely to arrive in October 2022, as the skeleton set is currently incomplete.

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