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Genshin Impact: Blooming Sands World Quest Guide | How To Complete Blooming Sands World Quest In Genshin Impact

The best thing about the Genshin Impact game is that new updates keep coming in this game, due to which this game never gets outdated and people’s interest remains in the game.

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If we talk about the latest update, then recently a major update has been released in Genshin Impact which is 3.1 update. The 3.1 update adds a lot of new quests to the game, which are a lot of fun to complete. In this article, we will talk about a brand new quest “Blooming Sands” of the 3.1 update.

If you are confused about the Blooming Sands world quest and you do not know how to complete this quest, then this article is for you because in this article we will tell you how you can complete the Blooming Sands world quest.

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Genshin Impact: How To Complete Blooming Sands World Quest

  • You will be able to start Blooming Sands world quest by going to Aaru Village because Blooming Sands world quest is found in Aaru Village.
  • To start the Blooming Sands world quest, you must first complete the first four Acts of the Sumeru Archon Quest Chapter III: Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana, because if you do not complete all four Acts, then you will not be able to access the Blooming Sands world quest.
  • After completing all four Acts, you have to set the time to day and then teleport to Aaru Village waypoint. When you reach the Aaru Village waypoint, you will see the world quest icon in your mini-map, you have to reach that icon after which you have to find and interact with the NPC named Raef. If we talk about the location of Raef, then you will see Raef standing on the top of a small tower.

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  • When you talk to Raef, Raef will send you to another NPC named Azalai. If we talk about the location of Azalai, then you will see Azalai standing in front of a cart present in the east of Raef’s location.
  • When you interact with Azalai, he will give you an item called “Raef’s Package”. After collecting the package, you have to go back to Raef and give that package to him. After delivering the package, you will need to talk back to Raef and then follow the marker. Following the marker, you have to go downwards to find a place ​with some cacti in pots. Now you have to place the flowerpot on the marked location and talk to Nermin. After talking to Nermin, you have to go back to Raef and interact with him, after the conversation with Raef is over, the Blooming Sands world quest will be completed.

In this way, you can complete the Blooming Sands world quest. Did you like the information given in this article? You can share your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below.

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