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Cookie Run Kingdom: How To Beat Raspberry Boss | How To Beat Raspberry Boss In Cookie Run Kingdom

How To Beat Raspberry Boss In Cookie Run Kingdom

How To Beat Raspberry Boss In Cookie Run Kingdom
Image via: Devsisters

Cookie Run Kingdom developed by Devsisters Corporation is an action-strategy RPG game. Because this game also belongs to the town-building genre, due to which players have to build their own beautiful cookie kingdom in this game, which is a fun activity. Apart from the cookie kingdom, players also have to build their own powerful cookie team that can fight against enemies and bosses.

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The special thing about Cookie Run Kingdom is its action and thrill-filled episodes, which are a lot of fun to clear, however, while clearing these episodes, players also have to face many powerful bosses, defeating some of which proves tough for the players, in this article, we will talk about one such tough boss which is Raspberry.

Raspberry is a very tough boss, due to which many players have trouble defeating Raspberry. If you are also included in those people then this article is for you because in this article we will give you complete information about how you can beat Raspberry boss.

How To Beat Raspberry Boss In Cookie Run Kingdom

Raspberry is a very dangerous boss and this boss cannot be taken lightly because if Raspberry has eliminated your most powerful and capable cookies by showing her strength, then the rest of your remaining cookies will not be able to handle Raspberry’s havoc for much longer and will collapse like a house of cards. Now you must be thinking that what is the way to defeat Raspberry? the best way to defeat Raspberry is to overwhelm Raspberry. To overwhelm Raspberry, you have to use such cookies which are summoner cookies i.e. such cookies that have summon skill.

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If you do not want to have multiple summoner cookies in your team, then at least there should be one summoner cookie in your team which can harass Raspberry through its allies. Although Cookie Run Kingdom game has total 6 summoner cookies, but if we talk about those cookies which will prove to be most effective against Raspberry then those cookies are Snow Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Licorice Cookie, and Cotton Cookie.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Best Team To Beat Raspberry In CRK

If you do not know how to build the best team to beat Raspberry in CRK, then we will tell you.

Front – Hollyberry Cookie (Tank Cookie)

Because Raspberry does very dangerous attacks, that’s why you should keep Hollyberry Cookie in the front because Hollyberry is a tank cookie, due to which it can withstand Raspberry’s attacks for a long time.

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Middle – Licorice Cookie (Summoner Cookie), Sorbet Shark Cookie (Ambush Cookie)

If we talk about the middle, then Sorbet Shark Cookie and Licorice Cookie will be best in the middle because Sorbet Shark is an Ambus Cookie which performs best in the middle, and Licorice is a summoner Cookie who will stay in the middle and engage Raspberry with the help of her 6 servants.

Rear – Pure Vanilla Cookie (Healing Cookie), Sea Fairy Cookie (Bomber Cookie)

If we talk about the rear position, then Pure Vanilla Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie would prove to be the best in the rear because Pure Vanilla is a healer cookie and healer cookies can perform well in the rear, apart from this, keeping Sea Fairy Cookie in the rear is also beneficial because Sea Fairy is a bomber cookie that can fire stream of water while staying safe in the rear.

In this way, you will be able to beat Raspberry boss in Cookie Run Kingdom game.

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