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Clash of Clans: Hammer Jam Event 2023 Release Date Speculation

Clash of Clans: Hammer Jam Event 2023 Release Date Speculation

Clash of Clans: Hammer Jam Event 2023 Release Date Speculation
Image via: Supercell

Hammer Jam is an event that everyone waits for in Clash of Clans because under Hammer Jam event players can upgrade their base faster.

Hammer Jam events are mainly of two types, in the first type of Hammer Jam event, the cost of upgrading buildings is halved, due to which you need less resources to upgrade buildings, In the second type of Hammer Jam event, the time taken to upgrade buildings is halved, which means you can upgrade buildings twice as fast.

Hammer Jam started in 2018 and since then Hammer Jam comes every year except 2020. If we talk about the current year i.e. 2023, then the Hammer Jam event will come in 2023 as well, but at the moment it has not been officially announced by the developers, although the developers have started giving hints of this event.

Recently, a #MusicalTuesday post was posted on the social media handles of Clash of Clans, in which players had to identify a song through a hint.

The post of #MusicalTuesday had a hammer and clock symbol, which is a hint of Hammer Jam.

Now the question will come to your mind that how can the symbol of hammer and clock made in the post of #MusicalTuesday be considered as a hint of Hammer Jam? The answer to this question is hidden in the year 2022, actually, in the year 2022, a similar post with hammer and clock symbols was posted by the developers on the game's social media handles, after which the Hammer Jam event came in the game a few days later.

Clash of Clans Hammer Jam
Image via: Supercell

Now it is clear that the developers have started giving hints of Hammer Jam, but now the question arises whether the upcoming Hammer Jam event will be of cost reduction or time reduction and when will it come? The upcoming Hammer Jam can be of cost reduction because Hammer Jam with time reduction comes rarely. If we talk about the release date, it is difficult to predict the exact release date of the upcoming Hammer Jam at the moment, but we can predict that the upcoming Hammer Jam may come in June 2023.

This was all the information about the upcoming Hammer Jam. Are you excited for the upcoming Hammer Jam? You can share your thoughts by commenting in the below comment box.

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