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Clash of Clans: How to Find Dead Bases With Big Loot in 2023?

Most of the people who play Clash of Clans have this question at some point in their mind that how to find dead bases with big loot? Although this question is not new because ever since the release of Clash of Clans, people keep searching for this question on the internet, although after reading this article your search will end because in this article we will tell you some such tricks to find dead bases full of loot which are always effective.

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In Clash of Clans, every player is always looking for dead bases to get more loot because dead bases are bases that haven’t been logged in by their owner for a long time. The bases whose owners do not login to the game for a long time or have now left playing the game, the resource collectors of such bases becomes full, due to which more loot is available in those bases.

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Although there are many ways to find dead bases in Clash of Clans, but in this article, we will tell you about 2 such effective methods which are very popular and always work.

1. Clash of Clans Forecaster

Using this strategy, you can get big loot not only on dead bases but also on normal bases. Actually, to use this trick, you will have to use the Clash of Clans Forecaster website because the loot index of this website tells you at which time you can get the most loot by attacking. If the loot index is green, then you get the most loot when you attack at that time. With the help of this website, you can also find for how long the loot index is going to be green, that is, for how long you can get big loot.

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On the Clash of Clans Forecaster website, we get to see real-time data of country-wise online and offline players. Along with that, with the help of this website, you can also know which are the most active regions in real-time i.e. in which region most people are currently playing COC. Overall Clash of Clans Forecaster website is a great tool to use to find out which attack time can get you the most loot.

2. Low Trophy Farming

To get more dead bases you have to reduce your league, for example, if you are on Legend or Titan League then you have to reach Gold or Crystal League. Although some people do not like this idea but it is a great way to get dead bases with big loot. Actually, when a player does not play the game for a long time, his base becomes dead after which that base is attacked by many other players and due to those attacks his rank also reaches crystal or even below.

It is obvious that If you want to attack dead bases that are present on Crystal and even lower leagues, then you also have to reach your ID to the same league.

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